Good things with imvu credits

Scene 1. In the free area are confronted with two small screens, presenting children's animation. Mama seats in front of them kids times about 4 years - a youngster and also a girl. She met them by pufach just a normal television viewing, considering that the screens live television screens. Children immediately get up and attitude the check recognizing the touch tests with computer games. They learn how to use the functional imvu credits fields then briefly assimilate the foundations of entertainment. Fun are colorful, interesting with learning. But, like almost 10 small, children begin to look around, move in pufach and get winning, along with the youngster go up the training. Something, however, lacks the boom. Children are not completely satisfied and are looking for another, real, motor sensations.

Scene 2. The place is imvu credits broken down in a big area with a lots of people. Some of them use iPhones or laptops. Younger act at PSP and hear tune with MP3 persons, next I happen writing this article handling the supplement. After circling the room about 8-year-old boy, zaglądający the screens of the method with attempting to determine systems with tough. Each hit recounts wanted his mom. Complementing the satisfaction with the positive outcome of that special test is the ability to show off an important part and get praise. It is her appreciation and laugh, but not just the cognitive curiosity persuaded him to further exploration.
Great pc with a small daughter with high needs

Universality, convenience and usability of computers is a sign of new times. Clearly seen can be a charm with the little initiation regarding that machinery plus the electronic world. Multifunctional computers, electronic plan, the virtual earth becomes modernity and reality. The division in the real life plus the electronic slowly blurred. Practicing the personal world, network, global has become a very real and pervasive. That fact has entered the children's rooms. They are thoroughly meets the requirements of teenagers? Is it enough to guarantee the strong development in the broad? These patterns show it is not also indicate what that needs.

What is the official advantage of computers, games, virtual rival, can be a issue in obtaining social skills. The computer is unrealistically reliable and predictable. Always work according to the same principles, strictly comply with the direct, that responds the same route. In the real world call such buy is unreachable. This skill is inadequate, because it does not show anything important. For the opposite - develops the illusion of succession, consistency, also transport the world the aspirations with the person. In real world and relationships is the opposite. Realists spouses or rivals are challenging, they have their own aspirations and aims, often different from your wants. Their behaviors are surprising, often illogical, sometimes rude. They may not understand the principles of "light play", to try to cheat, held accountable for incompetence. These are terrible with complex experience, but real. Good training is to make the child to deal with interactions with other partners, much more demanding than a computer.
The processor is never a dreadful humor

Computer games, electronic devices offering entertainment, technical results for conversation become presented, all set to your every request. Your need with longing to work out what will happen - whether I will enjoy a tough, hear music, and can send funny forward. In actual, someone to talk to or play a tough he should recommend it, call and promote him to the fun. Sometimes even assure people that it is a better sense than the one he offers. That teaches establish contact, negotiation, persuasion, beginning the dogmas of seeing and cooperation.

Computer perfectly knows the rules from the activity, never in doubt "exactly how to participate in", he sees all the rules and exceptions. Strictly observe the rules on the activity, behaving honestly, fairly counted positions. In the gaming planet with real partners you have to contend not simply with the sport itself, but also the lack of competence or integrity partner. That a tough experience, but need to learn how to manage the tentative and ambiguous, which is risky.

All activities - real and electronic - very absorb children engage emotionally, evoke strong feelings. While solely now activities with really partners you can keep the different problems on the same situations. One daughter calls after spending while the colleague suggests a replay. This as well provides the opportunity to survey the illustration of experiences (facial expressions, gestures, states), that shows them proper recognition. That facility is the core for empathy and emotional sensitivity, so valuable for accomplishment with relationships.